Weekend Builder
Recommended bets for: 22TH MAY: WEEKEND BUILDER
SATURDAY 12:30 (STAKE: £20)
BRENTFORD WIN (v Bournemouth)
SATURDAY 15:00 (STAKE: £39)
TORQUAY WIN (v Barnet)
SATURDAY 17:00 (STAKE: £45)
REAL MADRID WIN (v Villarreal)
SUNDAY 16:00 (STAKE: £64)
CHELSEA WIN (v Aston Villa)
Total Target
Total Target
Total Target
what is Weekend Builder

'Weekend Builder' implements a step-by-step strategy to football betting. Common challenges such as £10-£1k allow for low frequency big wins however Weekend Builder will switch that mentality by aiming for high frequency moderate wins to increase profits over the longer term. Starting stakes are £20 while the 'Total Target' will be adjusted depending on level of opportunities presented by weekend football action. Let the challenge begin!

Recommended Staking Plan
2.0 points on starting bet. See 2020/21 Season Results