How BTB works?

Daily Predictions

Daily tips and predictions are published at approximately 9pm-11pm every night ready for the following day of football. The BTB Team fully research over 25 European Leagues and cup competition every week to find the best ‘outright win’ selections available. From the likes of the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga, through to the lower profile Belgian Jupiler, Swedish Allsvenskan and the Welsh Premier.

Every match is analysed in-depth looking at recent results, form, Head-to-head results, injuries and suspensions, rivalries and more, we make sure that no stone is left unturned.

If a team is selected to win, they will be assigned a bet colour which fully distinguishes their chances of success in the match. Our colour key explains each of the colours used and this can be seen to the right hand side on the ‘Tips and Predictions‘ page.

Once the selections for the following day have been published, you can then start to build your own bets and accumulators using our ‘BetBasket’ feature. A red ‘Add To BetBasket’ box will appear next to all of our chosen selections, and this button will show you the average odds of each bet, and their average accumulator price.

When you have completed your BetBasket you can then go straight to the bookmaker recommended below the BetBasket and place your bet. You can also share/tweet your chosen BetBasket to your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter with one click.

Recommended Bets

Recommended bets are published on the website at weekends only. We currently have four recommended bet features that are driven purely to make profit using recommended staking plans (more information on these below).

Double@Evens has become one of our most popular and unique features in recent years. On both weekends, as well as selected mid-week days, our mission is to find the best two selections to create a ‘double’ that has odds of at least evens- effectively becoming; a double that will double your money!

Six of the Best is an exciting way of placing a series of recommend selections while all control stays within your hands. Every Friday we recommend our ‘top 6’ selections for the weekend games. These selections then make up 5 cumulative bets; a double, a treble, a quad, a 5-fold as well as the jackpot 6-fold. It is then up to you where you wish to place the cut off point.

Super Saturday Acca is a bet consisting on 8 of our top Saturday selections to win their respective games. It is a high risk bet so we recommend stakes remain sensible. Odds each weekend are likely to be a minimum of 18/1.

Goals galore bets have become very popular amongst football bettors up and down the country in the past few years. It’s a great alternative to the popular outright win markets. For a selection to win, both teams simply have to score a single goal before the referee blows the full time whistle. Statistics can help a great deal when selecting these types of bets, and each Friday we will announce our ‘top 5’, statistically backed, goals galore selections from both the English leagues and European leagues.

All of our recommended bets can be found via the ‘Recommended Bets‘ page, as well as links to their results this season.

Staking Plans

The staking plan we have in place at BTB Football Tips, is the key aspect to making long term profit. Without a staking plan 98% of football bettors will lose money, guaranteed. Being disciplined is the most important attribute a successful gambler can have. Our ‘1 to 5 Points’ staking plan we have laid out is simple yet effective.

‘Points’ effectively replace currency.

We do this because we understand everyone has different financial capabilities, and while one person may have a budget of £100 every week, others may have a budget of £5 every week – both of which will still suit our staking plan.

The ‘1 to 5 Points’ plan first requires you to set your maximum stake from which you must divide by 5 to calculate your minimum stake.

For example you may wish to set £50 as your maximum stake, therefore £50 / 5 = £10 (minimum stake).

From here you need to calculate your points stakes one to five. for the example above the points plan would be:

1 Point: £10 / 2 Points: £20 / 3 Points: £30 / 4 Points: £40 / 5 Points: £50 (Maximum)

You must never exceed you maximum stake of 5 points, discipline is key.

You may sometimes see recommended stakes such as ‘2.5 points’ – these follow the same rules as above, and using the example given, it would be a stake of £25.

This points plan will be used across the whole website as well as on our social networking platforms.

Using this plan alongside us will guarantee that you achieve the same results, profit-margins and ROI figures as us, no matter what stakes you are using.

Free Bets:

Another important feature of successful gambling is making sure you are placing your bets in the right places.

You may have a tendency to stick to one, possibly two sources to place your bets, and while you are perfectly possible to be making a profit by doing that, you are not maximising your profits.

Different bookmakers offer different odds, and while you are placing your bet on ‘Website Y’ at 10/1, ‘Website X’ is offering 15/1 for the exact same bet, which could mean an extra £50 profit with a £10 bet!

It’s just like shopping for everything online, you wouldn’t buy an iPad for £500 if you could get it for £425 elsewhere.

Think before you bet, the easy option is for lazy bettors – shop around.

You can find all of our recommended bookmakers and their welcome offers on the ‘Free Bets‘ page – because who doesn’t love a free bet!

Social Pages

Social networking has become a part of everyday life for a lot of people over the last few years. Facebook and Twitter, two of the biggest platforms and also a place where you can find all of our latest updates.

We post daily content, including links to our daily tips and predictions, extra recommended midweek bets and accumulators, weekly competitions, bookmaker offers and interaction with other keen footballer bettors and of course our team.

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Other Websites


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